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You are calling for results. Dakota Retail Technologies answers the call.

Dakota Retail Technologies is proud to offer Allworx telephone systems. Allworx VoIP solutions are perfect for organizations who are tired of expensive telephone bills and are looking to move to an enterprise-grade communications platform. Allworx gives our clients the enhanced flexibility they need to do business the way they want to.

Allworx offers organizations solutions that are designed with ease of use in mind. No business wants to implement technology that will just end up being a pain point. Dakota Retail Technologies has the knowledge and experience necessary to implement and support an effective and feature-rich Allworx VoIP platform.

Whether you are dealing with a mostly-static workforce, or one that is constantly on the go, an Allworx telephone system delivers crystal clear calls and is loaded with advanced features that allows for more successful collaboration and communication. With the certain enhancement in functionality coupled with the significant cost reduction over traditional business telephone services, Dakota Retail Technologies and Allworx VoIP can build substantial value.

Service Features

Allworx offers SMBs a more robust communications solution.

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In moving to an Allworx VoIP platform, any small and medium-sized business will immediately see why it has been installed in over 45,000 business sites. From the reliable, crisp-sounding calls to the countless features, every member of your organization will get a communications tool they can use from their desk, from their home, or when they are on the road. Some of the robust features an Allworx implementation includes:

  • My Allworx Manager - Individual caller hubs to assist in the management of calls.
  • Unified messaging - An integrated messaging platform.
  • Voicemail-to-email - Voicemails are sent to your personal email.
  • Presence management - Change your greeting or route depending on your call status.
  • Unlimited call routes - Customize where your number rings.
  • Auto attendants - Custom routing and call management
  • And much more

Solutions for Static or Remote Lines

Connect, no matter where your team works from.

With the Allworx platform, your company can connect with its remote workers, or connect multiple offices. With Reach, Allworx’s SIP-based mobile phone app, phones outside your office can connect instantly using their own broadband connection using Android or iOS-fueled devices. Another application, Reach Link, provides users the ability to keep calls going over a 4G connection, and even provides users the option to start a call on a Wi-Fi connection and move it to a cellular connection. In providing this type of remote functionality, an Allworx system can help your business move faster and provide telephone and messaging support to multiple sites and to staff members who are on the move.

Allworx Setup

Your staff will be amazed how little has changed, when so much has.

All calls using Allworx will continue to function like your old phone system. Dakota Retail Technologies implements and manages all associated hardware, so that your organization doesn’t miss a beat. Since we will support you through every step of the process, you will be amazed at how little time it takes to get an expansive and reliable phone system installed and ready to use.

For our team of IT professionals, who understand that downtime is wasted revenue, the installation of an Allworx telephone system takes as little as a few hours to complete. Adding and removing users is simple, and with our dedicated support, any user who has a problem will be given the resources they need to get up to speed quickly.

If you are looking for a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective telephone system to replace the costly and antiquated solution you have in place, call Dakota Retail Technologies about integrating a Allworx business telephone system today at 605-275-3855.